prince of wolves

I'm Visi and I draw gay stuff.

WARNING: kinks and norse gods. also wow i am inconsistant with everything and i type in a stupid irritating way.

him/he pronouns


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he’s got wings because he’s dead
because who the fuck need a consistent art style right?
lbr i am never gonna finish this siege of asgard sketch
for my art trade with riwox she requested hamster!bruhl in an oversized jumper, but i wasn’t sure what sort of mood to set so i ended up drawing quite a few instead;;
my friend sent me pictures of lady jumpers so i drew thor in one
if it’s so humiliating then why are you enjoying it so much loki?
i know it’s a sketch but it’s 3am and i don’t care look how much i improved over the past 2ish years

Submitted by ulf-visi
this is my baby his name is queen and his eyes are actually grey